Spotlight on Alucobond

Find out more about one of the world’s finest aluminium composite panel products.

Alucobond is one of the world’s most recognised aluminium composite panels. The origins of Alucobond can be traced back to the mid-1960s. 3A Composites (formerly Alcan Composites & Alusuisse) invented aluminium composites in 1964, with commercial production of Alucobond commencing in 1969. The product was subsequently patented in 1971.

Alucobond products are aluminium composite sandwich panels consisting of two aluminium cover sheets with a mineral-filled thermoplastic core.

They are most often used as aluminium external wall cladding products for commercial and residential building facades, but can also be used for automotive and marine applications, rail vehicles, outdoor products, furniture and more.

Alucobond products are available in a range of colours and surfaces and offer precise flatness and excellent formability. Besides their premium aesthetic properties, they are also highly durable with a long lifespan, UV-stable, easy to install and maintain and provide good insulation, ventilation and moisture control.

There are two main Alucobond panel products: Alucobond Plus and Alucobond A2.

  • Alucobond Plus
    Alucobond Plus is an aluminium composite panel with a mineral-filled polymer core. It has a low flammability rating and meets the relevant Australian and international standards for fire safety.
  • Alucobond A2
    Alucobond A2 is a completely non-combustible aluminium composite panel consisting of two aluminium sheets with a mineral-filled core. Beside a small amount of polymer adhesive, the core contains no flammable polymers. This means the entire product is non-combustible and meets the strictest worldwide fire safety regulations.

Colours and surfaces

Alucobond products are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and surfaces. Colours include a range of neutral and dark solid and metallic colours.

Spectra and sparkling colours create shimmering, shifting effects that celebrate the natural changes in light and colour that surround us every day. They include colours like Galaxy Blue, Desert Gold, Cosmic Grey Metallic and more.

Anodized surfaces create a satin-smooth metallic finish and include colours like Satin Brown and Light Gold.

The Terra range showcases natural earthy hues finished with a crystalline matt sheen that changes with the light. It includes finishes like Slate, Lava Nera and Terracotta.

Other surfaces include the Rocca stone-style finishes, vintage patinas and even a range of timber-style finishes.

Fire safety

Alucobond products are designed to ensure maximum fire safety in line with worldwide fire regulations. They have been comprehensively tested against a range of international fire standards including the European Standard EN 13501.1 “Reaction to fire” and Australian Standards AS ISO 9705 “Reaction to fire tests” and AS 1530.3 “Test for Material Fire Hazard Properties.”

Alucobond products, in combination with fire-smart design and non-combustible mineral insulation, show no flame propagation or critical rises in temperature, exceeding some international fire safety requirements.


Alucobond provides an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that outlines an independent ecological footprint assessment of all Alucobond products. The EPD provides information on the environmental impact of the products, including energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and lifecycle assessment results. It also includes information on the durability and recoverability of the products. The document is an essential part of building sustainability certification.

Cleaning and maintenance

While Alucobond products are durable and long-lasting, stove-lacquered surfaces do require some minor maintenance to preserve the finish and remove any contaminants that aren’t washed away by rain water.

An annual inspection and cleaning of Alucobond surfaces is recommended. Cleaning can be done by hand with a soft brush and a mild cleaning agent with a pH of 6-7 or with a pressure cleaner. Highly alkaline, acidic or abrasive cleaning agents should not be used. It’s always worth testing the cleaning agent on an unobtrusive part of the metal to ensure the surface isn’t affected.

Before cleaning, ensure the panels are cool to the touch. Cleaning hot panels can lead to quick drying of the cleaning agent, which can cause blemishes. After cleaning, rinse with clean water to remove any residue from the cleaning agent.

Alucobond aluminium composite panels are among the finest ACP products available in Australia. To find out more, feel free to contact the team at Aluca Cladding today. Give us a call on 0418 373 563 or contact us online.